Help SPACE with urgent roof repairs as we reopen image

Help SPACE with urgent roof repairs as we reopen

Your help is needed to raise at least $30,000 to help SPACE reopen fully!

$5,753 raised

$30,000 goal

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Spring has sprung and much like the dizzying pace of change these days, our board and staff are thrilled to announce that SPACE is reopening very soon.

Starting on May 20th at the link here, you will be able to sign up for 25 minute appointments to visit the galleries on Thursday & Friday from 2-6pm and on Saturdays from 12-4pm.

We can’t wait for people to see Andrew Scripter’s (Wing Club Press) installation Instruction Manual for Giant Tents that turned our sweet empty venue into a utopian set of questions about architecture and place. Meanwhile, we are thrilled and proud to finally be opening the long-postponed thematic exhibition, Punctures, organized by 2017 Warhol Foundation Curatorial Fellow, Ekrem Serdar who originally presented the work at Buffalo NY’s Squeaky Wheel Film & Media Art Center in winter 2019/2020. We hope to see you there fully vaccinated of course!

But in order to have a successful spring and summer getting fully back on site, we need you to help chip in to fix the roof of our office. For years our roof over the back offices has been slowly leaking, culminating in many recent days with blue recycling bins collecting liquid around us as we work on programming, direct artist support, and cultural partnerships. We’ve been lucky to have had flexible schedules and a hybrid work environment during this pandemic, but we are truly looking forward to getting back in the office and working together.

The time for these critical roof repairs is now, along with repair work to our back deck, and the fire escape for our studio artists and residency tenants. Your help is needed to raise at least $30,000 in the next two months to get the building in necessary shape for reopening. We hope to make these necessary improvements to keep us on track for hosting events indoors by this fall! Any amount raised over this goal will help us with an ambitious list of other reopening facilities plans in our venue.

Many years of deferred maintenance are taking its toll and the need for SPACE to grow up and tend to our home has become a major priority of our staff and board. SPACE is grateful for the hard-won grant, state, and federal funding we have secured during our ongoing COVID-19 closure, but we are committed to those funds supporting ongoing artist emergency relief, programming opportunities, residencies, and new commissions.

We need the support of you, our members and dedicated donors, in order to protect our landmark building and the community of working artists it supports. We humbly acknowledge this pandemic has been a wedge in the wealth inequality in this country, and we appreciate your help at any level you are comfortable.